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Volume 6 Issue 2

May 2005

Faculty Masthead
Student Masthead

Glowing in the Dark: How America's First Transgenic Animal Escaped Regulation
[ download full text pdf ]
Rebecca Bratspies 457
Understanding Legal Responses to Technological Change: The Example of In Vitro Fertilization
[ download full text pdf ]
Lyria Bennett Moses 505
Can Regulation be as Innovative as Science and Technology? The FDA's Regulation of Combination Products
[ download full text pdf ]
Susan B. Foote
Robert Berlin
Winners and Losers in the Communications Sector: An Examination of Digital Television Regulation in the United Kingdom
[ download full text pdf ]
Eliza Varney 645
Copyright, Ownership, and Digital Media: A Trilogy
[ download full text pdf ]

Laura J. Gurak
Gretchen Haas
Laurie A. Johnson
Krista A. Kennedy
Jessica L. Reyman

The United States Patent Reform Quagmire: A Balanced Proposal
[ download full text pdf ]
Michael S. Mireles, Jr.
Whither the Conflict over Agricultural Biotechnology?
[ download full text pdf ]
Charles R. McManis 737
United States v. Kincade - Justifying the Seizure of One's Identity
[ download full text pdf ]
Sarah Bunce 747
Follow the Giraffe's Lead - Lanco, Inc. v. Director, Division of Taxation Gets Lost in the Quagmire that Is State Taxation
[ download full text pdf ]
Cory D. Olson 789
Bridgeport Music, Inc. v. Dimension Films: The Death of the Substantial Similarity Test in Digital Sampling Copyright Infringement Claims - The Sixth Circuit's Flawed Attempt at a Bright-Line Rule
[ download full text pdf ]
Matthew Brodin 825
The Big Bad Wolf Hybrid: How Molecular Genetics Research May Undermine Protection for Wolves under the Endangered Species Act
[ download full text pdf ]
Collette L. Adkins Giese
Transgenic Crops: The Good, the Bad, and the Laws
[ download full text pdf ]
Wendy Thai 877


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