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Volume 10 Issue 1

Winter 2009

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Stem Cell Research in California: The Intersection of Science, Politics, Culture, and Law
[ download full text pdf ]
Zach W. Hall 1
The Legacy of the Nuremberg Doctors' Trial to American Bioethics and Human Rights
[ download full text pdf ]
George J. Annas 19
Building a Better Baby Business
[ download full text pdf ]
Debora Spar
Anna M. Harrington
Identifiable Neuro Ethics Challenges to the Banking of Neuro Data
[ download full text pdf ]
Judy Illes
Sofia Lombera
Law's Misguided Love Affair with Science
[ download full text pdf ]
Robin Feldman 95
Privacy and Public Health in the Information Age: Electronic Health Records and the Minnesota Health Records Act
[ download full text pdf ]
Kari Bomash
Advancing University Innovation: More Must Be Expected—More Must Be Done
[ download full text pdf ]
John E. Tyler III 143
Habeas Relief From Bad Science: Does Federal Habeas Corpus Provide Relief for Prisoners Possibly Convicted on Misunderstood Fire Science?
[ download full text pdf ]
Marc Price Wolf 213
Cognition, Law, Stories
[ download full text pdf ]
Lorie M. Graham
Stephen M. McJohn
Restricting Access to Infertility Services: What is a Justified Limitation on Reproductive Freedom?
[ download full text pdf ]
Crystal Liu 291
An Improved Framework for Analyzing "Substantially Similar" Patent Claims with Respect to the Inequitable Conduct Defense
[ download full text pdf ]
Michael Buschbach 325
In Re Seagate: One Step Closer to a Rational Doctrine
[ download full text pdf ]
Justin McCarthy 355
The Digital Millennium Copyright Act Takedown Notice Procedure: Misuses, Abuses, and Shortcomings of the Process
[ download full text pdf ]
Jeffrey Cobia 387
Smokers: Nuisances in Belmont City, California—In Their Homes, but Not in Public
[ download full text pdf ]
Georges Tippens 413


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