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MJLST is a Cutting-Edge Multidisciplinary Journal

The Minnesota Journal of Law, Science & Technology is a cutting-edge multidisciplinary journal focusing on law, health, the sciences, and bioethics. The journal is edited by law students with the support of a Faculty Editorial Advisory Board drawn from across the University of Minnesota. MJLST tackles issues in intellectual property, technology policy and innovation, bioethics, and law and science, while maintaining a rigorous grounding in law, values, and policy. Formerly the Minnesota Intellectual Property Review.

MJLST is Real Time

Interested in breaking news, events, and commentary at the intersection of law, science and technology? Visit the Minnesota Journal of Law, Science & Technology LawSci Blog and the MJLST Twitter Feed. If you're an alum of MJLST, the Consortium, or the Joint Degree Program, join our rapidly growing MJLST Alumni LinkedIn Group.

MJLST Offers Advance Online Publication

The Minnesota Journal of Law, Science & Technology offers authors the opportunity to publish articles online in advance of appearing in MJLST's print publication. This helps assure that time-sensitive articles can be disseminated while they are most relevant.

MJLST Symposium

MJLST will be hosting its symposium on March 4, 2016!

Click here to see the Symposium website!

Please direct any questions to 

September 14, 2015

Volume 16 Issue 2 Now Available Online


MJLST's Volume 16, Issue 2 Spring 2015 Publication is now available online here.

January 29, 2015

Student Editors Selected for MJLST Volume 17

The Editor in Chief and Executive Editor for next year's 17th volume of MJLST were recently selected. Please join us in congratulating them!

Emily Harrison


Emily Harrison, Editor-in-Chief






Kirsten Johanson, Executive Editor



 January 29, 2014

MJLST Executive Editor, Daniel Schueppert (’15), Wins International Award for Essay on Climate Change and the Law




The Centre for International Sustainable Development Law (CISDL) has announced the winners of its Legal Essay Contest 2014. Third-year Law School student and MJLST Executive Editor, Daniel Schueppert, was named a silver award winner for his essay "Climate Change, the U.N. Convention to Combat Desertification and Multi-Level Governance." His essay, along with those of the four other winning law students, will be published by the CISDL in a special working paper series later this year.

Read more here


MJLST Note & Comment Editor, Roma Patel ('15), Wins Mayo Clinic Innovation Award



Roma Patel, who is on track to receive both a J.D. and a Master of Public Health degree from the University of Minnesota in 2015, has won a Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation CoDE Award. She will receive $50,000 in funding, access to Mayo's enormous resources, and the services of a production team, and over the coming year she will create a video series intended to use the power of storytelling to help patients from diverse backgrounds better understand their illnesses and their health-care options.

Read more here


October 2, 2014

MJLST to Co-Sponsor Conference: "Autonomous Vehicles: The Legal and Policy Road Ahead"

On Friday, October 31, MJLST is co-sponsoring a multi-disciplinary conference entitled "Autonomous Vehicles: The Legal and Policy Road Ahead." MJLST's Spring 2015 Symposium Issue will publish many articles submitted on this topic. We invite you to visit the conference website to learn more and submit an abstract to be considered for publication in this symposium issue.

The conference will convene a multidisciplinary group of leaders from academia, government, industry, and civil society to explore the legal, ethical, technical, and policy dimensions of automated and autonomous vehicles at the local, state, and national levels. MJLST is partnering with the University of Minnesota's Humphrey School of Public Affairs, Center for Transportation Studies, and Transportation Policy and Economic Competitiveness Program.

RAND Corporation senior research Karlyn Stanley will discuss opportunities and challenges that lay ahead for autonomous and automated vehicles and the legal, regulatory, and policy frameworks responsible for their oversight and governance. University of South Carolina law professor Bryant Walker Smith will address legal, ethical, and policy issues surrounding automated driving. Senator Scott Dibble (DFL-61), Santa Clara University law professor Dorothy Glancy, and University of Minnesota professor David Levinson will head a panel discussion on the impacts and implications of autonomous vehicles for society. Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie will close the conference by addressing opportunities and visions for Minnesota.

Breakout sessions will feature high-level expert panelists from government, industry, academia, civil society, and the legal community addressing such topics as: industry and design perspectives; civil liability and insurance; criminal liability; regional and city planning perspectives, and ethics, equity, and access.

Register online to attend--early registration ends Oct. 17, 2014.

Symposium Banner

August 30, 2014

MJLST Named ExpressO Top 10 Law Review

The recently released 2014-2015 Submissions Guide published by leading law review manuscript submission service ExpressO, named the Minnesota Journal of Law, Science & Technology as the eighth most popular science and technology legal journal chosen by authors using the ExpressO service to submit articles for publication. For more information on submitting a manuscript to MJLST for publication consideration, visit our Submissions page.


April 28, 2014

Student Editors Selected for MJLST Volume 16

The Editor in Chief and Executive Editor for next year's 16th volume of MJLST were recently selected. Please join us in congratulating them!

Alison Key sm

Alison Key, Editor-in-Chief, Graduated from the University of Minnesota with a B.S. in biology and a B.A. in political science. She is currently a J.D./M.D. joint degree student. She anticipates earning her J.D. in 2015 with a concentration in Health Law and Bioethics.

Daniel Schueppert smDaniel Schueppert, Executive Editor, Graduated from St. John's University in Collegeville, Minnesota with a BA in political science. Before starting law school, Daniel developed planning documents on behalf of counties in Northern Minnesota for programs administered by FEMA and the Minnesota Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. He is currently a J.D. student and expects to earn his degree in 2015.  

 March 3, 2014

Issue 15.1 is Now Available Online

The full print formatted edition of MJLST Issue 15.1 (Winter 2014) is now available online. This special issue includes articles from two symposiums: "Legal and Policy Pathways for Energy Innovation" and "The Future of Reverse Payments in the Wake of FTC v. Actavis, Inc." In addition, the issue includes articles on the constitutionality of EMTALA, and Federalism and the Affordable Care Act .  Student Notes cover issues including policies that could slow the growth antibiotic resistance, biologics price competition,  avoidance of lost profit damages in patent infringement suits, and restructuring cyberbullying laws. Congratulations and thank you to the authors , editors, and supporters for the effort and support that made this expansive issue possible. 

March 3, 2014

Legal and Policy Pathways for Energy Innovation Symposium Articles Now Online

The conference "Legal and Policy Pathways for Energy Innovation" organized by the Consortium on Law and Values in Health, Environment & the Life Sciences was held at the University of Minnesota on April 24–25, 2013. It brought together leading scholars, practitioners, policymakers, and business people to discuss how to make critical progress on energy law and policy.Issue 15.1 of MJLST contains articles from several conference participants, which highlight the complexity of energy transition and possibilities for creative, practical solutions..

September 20, 2013

Advance Online Publication Available Now
FTC v. Actavis Symposium Pre-publication Articles Now Online

Due to the timely nature of the topic, articles from MJLST's upcoming special symposium issue, in which authors react the recent Supreme Court decision in FTC v. Actavis regarding reverse settlement payments in patent infringement litigation (also known as "pay-for-delay"), are now available online in advance of the print publication. Visit our Current Issue page to read articles on "The Future of Reverse Payment Settlements in the Wake of FTC v. Actavis."  

August 9, 2013

MJLST Named a Top Law Journal by ExpressO 

ExpressO Top Ten Law Journal ButtonThe recently released 2013-14 Submissions Guide published by leading law review manuscript submission service ExpressO, named the Minnesota Journal of Law, Science and Technology as the third most popular science & technology legal journal chosen by authors using the ExpressO service to submit articles for publication. This honor complements MJLST's 2012 top-ten ranking in the subject areas in which  MJLST publishes by Washington & Lee University's annual Law Journal Rankings, and recognizes MJLST's rising status as a top tier journal. For more information on submitting a manuscript to MJLST for publication consideration, visit our Submissions page.

July 12, 2013

Issue 14.2 is Now Available Online

The full print formatted edition of MJLST Issue 14.2 (Spring 2013) is now available online. From reverse patent infringement to knitters of the world vs. the U.S. Olympic Committee, this issue represents the broad variety of interesting legal and policy issues that arise at the interesection of law, science and technology.  Congratulations and thank you to the authors , editors, and supporters who made it possible. 

July 8, 2012

Congratulations to MJLST Volume 15 Staff Members!

The application process is complete and student staff members have been selected for the 2013-2014 school year. Congratulations to everyone, we look forward to a great year. The new masthead is available here

May 24, 2013

Thank You Barnes & Thornburg, LLP

We'd like to extend a special thank you to Barnes & Thornburg, LLP for their generous support in joining the organizations that help make the Minnesota Journal of Law, Science & Technology possible. Their support, along with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, The Phyllis & Donald Kahn Foundation, and Oppenheimer, Wolff & Donnelly LLPplay a key role in ensuring we can maintain the highest level of quality and continue to grow the reach and impact of the journal. If your organization would like to join this important group in supporting the work of the journal, please don't hesitate to contact us

April 25, 2013

Student Notes Selected for Issue 15.1

Congratulations to the student authors who will be published in Issue 15.1 of the Minnesota Journal of Law, Science & Technology. These notes represent a cross-section of the cutting-edge interdisciplinary work we strive to publish in each issue of MJLST.

  George David Kidd
(LawSci BlogPosts)
"The Crater of Grain Processing Is Not So Deep"
  Ude Lu
(LawSci Blog Posts)
 "Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Act: Striking a Delicate Balance Between Innovation and Accessibility"
  Bryan Morben
(LawSci Blog Posts)
"The Fight Against Oppression in the Digital Age: Restructuring Minnesota's Cyberbullying Law to Get With the Battle"
  Jenny Nomura
(LawSci Blog Posts)
"Slowing Antibiotic Resistance By Decreasing Antibiotic Use in Animals"







March 1, 2013

New Law Journal Rankings: MJLST Moves Up

Each year Washington & Lee University Law School releases rankings of law journals. The rankings are roughly based on the number of times the journal is cited in the prior eight years. Once again, MJLST is ranked in the top ten nationally and continues to improve - moving up in 2 out of 4 categories. Here's the results in each category we are ranked in:

  Health, Medicine, Psychology, and Psychiatry 3rd ranked journal 
  Environment, Natural Resources, and Land Use
4th ranked journal
  Science, Technology, and Computing 8th ranked journal
  Intellectual Property 10th ranked journal






February 27, 2013

Editors Selected for Volume 15

The Editor in Chief and Executive Editor for next year's 15th volume of MJLST were recently selected. Please join us in congratulating them!

Caroline Marsili and Brandon Palmen II
Caroline Marsili, Editor-in-Chief , Graduated cum laude from Carleton College with a BA in biology and anticipates earning her JD from the U of M in 2014. She is currently pursuing a concentration in Intellectual Property and Technology Law.


Brandon Palmen, Executive Editor, Graduated from Harvard University with an A.B. in economics and an A.L.M. in information technology. He is currently a J.D./M.B.A dual degree student at the University of Minnesota. Before beginning law school, Brandon was a software engineer at Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet & Society, helping to incubate the StopBadware initiative before and during its launch as an independent non-profit organization.


February 13, 2013

Issue 14.1 Now Available Online (with an Online Enhancement)

The full print formatted edition of MJLST Issue 14.1 (Winter 2013) is now available online.

IMAGE.MJLST_2012_cover_h500pxIn keeping with our ongoing effort to increase the accessibility of our articles and provide the best services for our authors, we've made a small but important change to how those articles are stored and retrieved online. All articles in this issue (which can be accessed at the "Current Issue" link to the left) are now archived in the University of Minnesota's Digital Conservancy. Placing them in this public repository provides a number of benefits to readers and authors including that each article now has a permanent URL. The article URL will never change and the article will always be retrievable at that location. In addition, each article is indexed with hand-selected keywords and a full abstract, which will make the articles easier for readers to find and will improve indexing of the articles on search engines.

Digital Conservancy LogoAuthors citing to the online source of MJLST articles should use the article's MJLST URL and can be confident that the article will always be retrievable at that location, whether that be a year from now or twenty years from now. In the coming months all prior volumes of MJLST will be moved to the Conservancy.

 January 31, 2013

Prof. Sara Rosenbaum, J.D.: "Slouching Toward Health Care Reform"

Sara Rosenbaum George Washington University's Sara Rosenbaum, JD, spoke on "Slouching Toward Health Care Reform: The Future of the Affordable Care Act" for this year's Deinard Memorial Lecture on Law & Medicine. Considered one of the nation's 500 most influential health policy makers, Prof. Rosenbaum addressed the challenges ahead for the ACA. Prof. Lynn Blewett from the School of Public Health delivered the commentary. A paper from Professor Rosenbaum's lecture is scheduled to appear in an upcoming issue of MJLST.

  Speaker Graphic Button  Listen to Prof. Rosenbaum on Minnesota Public Radio's "The Daily Circuit" show.
Video Graphic Button   Watch a video of the Lecture 

August 8, 2012

Rolling on the River: Metagenomics in the Mississippi

Michael Sadowski Video Thumbnail

UMN Professor and MJLST Faculty Editorial Advisory Board Member Michael Sadowsky, PhD, is on a mission to get the genetic fingerprint of all the bacteria in the Mississippi River, from Lake Itasca to where the river leaves the state at La Crescent.

Working in the emerging discipline of metagenomics, which involves studying the combined genetic material of microorganisms harvested from a natural setting rather than examining single species of organisms grown in the lab, Sadowsky is leading the Minnesota Mississippi Metagenome Project (M3P). By collecting genetic samples from the river, mapping where and when each bacterium is collected, and then sequencing its DNA, Sadowsky and his team are learning how the river's composition changes as it moves south and about the impact of land use on the water. Read more about M3P and watch a video of Sadowsky explaining the project.

August 3, 2012

Who should tell; who should know? MJLST Symposium addresses debate over return of incidental research findings. Now available online

MJLST CoverIf researchers using genetic material from human tissue repositories called biobanks find important health information about a donor, what are their obligations? To date, there are no standard protocols in place for such a situation and debate continues over the responsibilities around return of results in the complex world of large-scale genomic and genetic research.

NIH-funded Consortium research on this increasingly critical topic resulted in two symposia. One included a consensus article proposing the first guidelines for the return of incidental findings. The other, in the current issue of the Minnesota Journal of Law, Science & Technology (MJLST), focuses on law, ethics, and oversight concerns. Read the issue online.



June 18, 2012

MJLST Faculty Editor-in-Chief Co-Authors Wall Street Journal Op Ed: FDA Approvals a Mattter of Life and Death


MJLST faculty editor-in-chief Ralph Hall and Andrew Von Eschenbach, former commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (2005-2009), wrote an opinion piece in the June 17 Wall Street Journal on ways to move medical devices more quickly into the hands of health care practitioners. They cite the example of the American-made SAPIEN Transcatheter Heart Valve (pictured right)  that was available to patients in Europe four years before those in the United States. Read "FDA Approvals Are a Matter of Life and Death" (WSJ)



 March 29, 2012

A Subscription to MJLST Maximizes the Impact of your Library Dollars

According to Washington & Lee University Law School's law journal rankings, MJLST is the top subscription value among journals in the following topical areas: Health, Medicine, Psychology, and Psychiatry; Science, Technology & Computing; Environment, Natural Resources, and Land Use; and Intellectual Property - when measured by the number of times the journal is cited annually compared to the cost of a subscription.
Information on subscribing to MJLST is available here



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